Osram Plantastar 600w 400v HPS Lamp


  • High PAR output
  • High Red spectrum output for increased yields
  • Increased Blue spectrum output
  • Dimmable
  • 400v technology
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The Osram PLANTASTAR bulb is the only 600w 400v bulb (other than the Sylvania GROLUX 600w 400v) that was designed for horticultural applications. It has the highest PAR rating (meaning it has the highest plant-usable light output) of any bulb on the market, in addition to having 30% more blue spectrum than a standard HPS bulb. This horticulture lamp is ideal for growth and flower stages. The prominent part of the light that it irradiates is in the red spectrum, but it also irradiates blue spectrum.

Technical Specifications: + 92,000 initial lumens
+ 2100°K
+ 20,000 hour life-span.

Please be aware that all lamps lose approx 30% of lumen output after a period of 9/12 months.

Tip: A HID (HPS/Metal Halide/CDM) bulb will drop approx. 30% of its lumen output within 12-14 months of continuous use. We recommend replacing every 3-6months for optimum plant growth and yield output!

PLEASE NOTE: To be used with 400v ballasts only. Do not use this bulb with a standard 240v ballast.

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