Osram Nav-T Super HPS & Plantastar HPS Bulbs


Plantastar features:

  • The professional and commercial choice of HPS bulb
  • Highest red & blue output
  • Highest lumen output

Osram Nav-T super features:

  • High lumen output
  • Higher red-lower blue output
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Osram Vialox NAV T (standard 240v) Super high-Pressure Sodium flowering/fruting lamps are made to the highest standards and have been a benchmark for quality grow light lamps for decades.

The Osram Plantastar (standard 240v) lamps have been specifically made for use in both vegative and flowering cycles due to the amount of blue light being enhanced alongside the red light output. The Plantastar is still primarily regarded as a flowering/fruiting lamp.

Tip: A HID (HPS/Metal Halide/CDM) bulb will drop approx. 30% of its lumen output within 12-14 months of continuous use. We recommend replacing every 3-6months for optimum plant growth and yield output!

*Contact us for box prices of these lamps.

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