Maxibright Pro CFL 250w Grow Lights



  •  Maxibright CFL Pro reflector fitted with 13amp lead & plug.
  • 250watt CFL Red, Blue or Dual spectrum lamp.
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The Maxibright 250watt CFL Pro grow light is available with a choice of three lamps to offer specific spectrum output.

These lighting units are high powered Compact Fluorescent grow Lamps (CFL): High performance, low power, low heat lights that can be positioned 20-40cm directly above your plants without the danger of burning as found with H.I.D lighting systems.

The Maxibright Single CFL Pro reflector is a quality, sturdy reflector which is vented to allow heat dispersal from the lamp. It has been constructed utilising hammered, dimpled polished aluminium to offer optimum light dispersal. The CFL Pro reflector has a dedicated on-off switch for ease, and is supplied fitted with 2m power lead and UK plug ready to grow!

Maxibright Single CFL Pro Reflector Dimensions: 53 x 33 x 18cm

Supplied with either:

  • 250w Blue spectrum CFL bulb for vegative growing.
  • 250w Red spectrum CFL bulb for flowering or fruiting.
  • 250w Dual spectrum CFL bulb to offer the best of both worlds!
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