Maxibright PL2 Propagation Grow Light


Main features

  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Pleasing design for displays etc
  • Energy efficient.
  • PL2: 9000+ Lumens.
  • Light suspension hooks.
  • 12 month guarantee.

The Maxibright PL2 fluorescent propagation grow light from UK manufacturer Maxigrow are ideal for fast production and development of your seedlings or cuttings.

Utilising 2 or 4 x 55watt 6500K cool blue Tri-phosphorous fluorescent lamps, these units produce approx 9000+ lumens of light. Very little heat is emitted from these units which allow the PL units to be suspended closer to the propagator/plants increasing overall efficiency.

Unit dimensions:

PL2: 560mm x 200mm x 80mm


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