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Somerset Hydroponics was established in 1999 but the idea began much earlier when product choices were few and retailers even fewer. At that time myself (Lee) and my good friend David recognised the need for quality Hydroponic and organic gardening products, but more importantly an honest approach to the information to back them up as we had grown tired of being overcharged for underperforming products!

So, after a few good years of passionate indoor gardening, myself and David decided enough was enough and opened our first humble and sparsely stocked store in 1999 in the hope that our enthusiasm and honest approach would be enough to see us over the first few years hurdles of being in business...and here we are nearly twenty years later! We are extremely lucky to have retained many of our customers from the early years and this can only have been achieved through our knowledgeable and honest approach to products, and as important if not more so, the relationships formed with our awesome customers!

There will always be a cheaper guy down the road, a retailer much larger than us that can discount beyond our capability or a seller that has a daytime job and is simply box-shifting cheap products as a secondary income, but for those that know us and have stayed with us, they know that we will take that extra time to help you gain more from your gardening efforts, resolve a growing issue...or simply spend friendly time to chat about how life is for you and yours outside of gardening! 

David is sadly no longer at the forefront of Somerset Hydroponics, but to this day remains a continuous part of its soul and spirit. These days, you will likely be greeted by Leighton (Sales Manager) at the counter and as for myself, well, I'm now buried in the IT, e-commerce and admin depts upstairs, but I do try to spend as much time downstairs as possible if for no other reason than to just to say "hi, how's it going :) 

Somerset Hydroponics was established by gardeners for gardeners and as such we are committed to your needs. We hope that you find our site informative, competitive and safe for all your online shopping needs. We hope that you soon become a part of our happy community of gardeners!

We value our customer's opinions, so please feel free to make suggestions or comments about our website or business in general by clicking here.