Amazon Aeroponic Grow Kit

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This Amazon Aeroponic Hydroponic grow kit includes everything needed from seed to harvest. We are here to help you every step of the way with your ...More

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Amazon Aeroponic Grow Kit

This Amazon Aeroponic Hydroponic grow kit includes everything needed from seed to harvest. We are here to help you every step of the way with your growing kit, so please contact us for any advice if required!

To start your favourite seeds or cuttings we have supplied a Maxibright 125watt Blue CFL propagation light and timer and a Root-It Propagation kit which includes Propagator, 24x Root!t organic sponge seedling/cutting cubes, Root-it Gel, Root-It First Feed, Sterile Scalpel and 'How to' guide on achieving great results from your cuttings or seeds.  

To supply light to your favourite plants when transferred to your Amazon Aeroponic system we have supplied a Maxibright 600watt Compact Ballast, Euro reflector, Sunmaster 600watt Dual Spectrum HPS lamp, Lumii grow light controller/timer and a pair of Ratchet Hangers to suspend your light.

For odour-less ventilation, we have included the quality Rhino 100mm single speed in-line fan (wired with a 2mtr cable and UK plug) Carbon filter from Rhino Pro Filters, ducting and fastening clips. 

The Amazon is an Aeroponic Hydroponic growing system (800mm x 750mm x 400mm). Young plants or rooted cuttings are placed into 50mm or 80mm mesh pots and suspended in a misting chamber that sits on top of a nutrient solution tank. The roots are constantly misted with nutrient solution whilst being suspended in air, the roots then grow down into the chamber. Unused nutrient solution drains back into the tank so there is no water-logging and no restriction of oxygen to the roots, plus there is no build-up of damaging nutrient salt's in the root zone.

Plants grown in an Amazon system have constant access to nutrient solution and oxygen. They take up much more water and nutrients than plants fed a few times a day. The more oxygen, water and nutrients a plant can absorb, the more explosive the growth and better the yield! 

To feed your plants we have supplied the now legendary UK formulated Plant Magic Hydro Grow A&B, Plant Magic Hydro Bloom A&B nutrients and Plant Magic Root Stimulant to enhance fast, healthy root production. Plant Magic nutrients are ideal for healthy growth and high yields in an Amazon Aeroponic growing system.

To maintain the optimum pH level in your tank we have supplied pH Down acid, dosing pipette and a simple pH test kit. Just to ensure a healthy grow we have supplied a digital Hygrometer which will monitor temperature and humidity and help you to maintain a healthy environment.

Top Tips: 
1) Transplant 50mm mesh pots directly from the X-Stream Aeroponic Propagator or transplant cuttings into the 80mm mesh pots with only a few clay pebbles!
2) Leave the pump on 24/7 for optimum Aeroponic results.
3) Use the Clone collars supplied to block lid holes that are not in use.
4) As with NFT, cuttings must be root bound before transplanting into an Amazon system.

There are multiple variants of this product:

Growing kit includes:

1x 600w Maxibright Euro Compact HPS lighting system.

1x Lumii grow light controller/timer.

1x Ratchet Hanger (pair) light suspension kit.

1x 125w Blue CFL Propagation light and timer.

1x Root-It Sponge Propagation Kit (see main text for full products incl)

1x Amazon 4,8,16,32 pot grow system. (incl: pump, all fittings)

1x 125ml pH Down acid.

1x 5ml Pipette (adjusting pH with acid).

1x pH liquid test kit.

1x 150ml Measuring jug.

1x 1ltr Plant Magic Hydro Grow - Hard or Soft water version.

1x 1ltr Plant Magic Hydro Bloom - Hard or Soft water version.

1x 500ml Plant Magic Root Stimulant.

1x Digital Hygrometer.

1x 100mm Rhino in-line Fan.

1x 100x300mm Rhino Pro carbon filter.

1x 102mmx10mtrs Aluminium ducting.

2x 100mm Fastening clips.

1x Amazon system instructions.