Rhino Pro Carbon Filters


*See Ventilation section for carbon filter kits*

Rhino Pro features:

  • Suitable for all makes of in-line fan.
  • 51% Open area custom mesh for maximum airflow.
  • Outer Pre filter sleeve incl.
  • Lightweight compared to most other filters.
  • 100% Virgin activated carbon.
  • 2-3yrs min life span.
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Rhino Pro Grow Room Carbon Filters utilise activated virgin RC-412 Carbon which is highly efficient and lighter than lower grade carbon, and has a longer life span of 2-3years (minimum) before a replacement filter is required. This combined with aluminium tops and bottoms, makes Rhino Pro carbon filters the lightest most effective air purification system on the market.

*(See Ventilation section for carbon filter kits)

Your carbon filter choice may be one of the most critical choices you make when creating your indoor garden. Do not undo your hard work by buying a cheap inadequate or short life carbon filter. A lack of optimum air purification can be detrimental to a successful, uninterrupted indoor gardening project!

Each Rhino Pro carbon filter comes complete with outer pre-filter sleeve (not shown in image).

We recommend replacing outer ‘Pre-Filter’ sleeve every 9-12months for maximum life span of your filter!

Rhino Pro Filters – Airflow Capacities:

  • 100mm x 300mm (4″) = 300mtr3 per hr
  • 125mm x 300mm (5″) = 500mtr3 per hr
  • 150mm x 300mm (6″) = 600mtr3 per hr
  • 150mm x 600mm (6″) = 900mtr3 per hr
  • 200mm x 400mm (8″) = 800mtr3 per hr
  • 200mm x 600mm (8″) = 1500mtr3 per hr
  • 250mm x 600mm (10″) = 1420mtr3 per hr
  • 315mm x 600mm (12″) = 2400mtr3 per hr
  • 315mm x 1000mm (12″) = 4000mtr3 per hr

To calculate the size of fan & filter you will require: Simply multiply the length x width x height of your grow room in metres which will give you the cubic capacity of your room ..and then multiply that value by either 30 or 60 which is the minimum and maximum air changes required per hour for optimum ventilation in your grow room.

For example : A grow room measuring 2mtrs x 2mtrs x 2mtrs = 8mtrs cubed x30 air changes an hour = 240mtr cubed per hour will need to be ventilated a rule we recommend buying a slightly larger capacity fan than you need, to allow for summer increases in temp and or using a Carbon filter.

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