Reconditioned Budmaster GOD-9

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*There are a number of reconditioned GOD-9 led's available from Budmaster (Cropmaster). All units have full warranty cover for one year an...More

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Reconditioned Budmaster GOD-9

*There are a number of reconditioned GOD-9 led's available from Budmaster (Cropmaster). All units have full warranty cover for one year and GOD replacement components and service are available post the one year warranty.

The UK built Budmaster GOD-9 is truly in a class of its own with incredible PAR output exceeding the output of our existing range and obliterating HPS and plasma, outputting an incredible 1168 µmoles/m2/s at 1m distance compared to HPS lighting at 390 µmoles/m2/s at 1m. The GOD-9 has a switchable cluster output for even greater efficiency - 5 on/4 off or 4 on/5 off!.

With the new The Budmaster GOD-9 (Osram Delux Gold) led grow lights we have truly eclipsed every other led grow light in the cosmos, with superior quality German engineering these Osram diodes really are the best that money can buy with many additional features built-in to each GOD light that come together to bring a truly remarkable end product.

Budmaster GOD-9 has triple the PAR output of a 600w HPS grow light making it a truly awesome lighting experience.

The GOD series of Budmaster grow lights are the next level up in efficiency and output!

Improvements to the Budmaster range of LED's:

  1. 200 - 300% more PAR output than traditional 3w led's for the same consumption.
  2. 100,000 hrs lifespan double the usual standard of 50,000 hrs.
  3. Exact horticultural wavelengths guaranteed.
  4. Custom designed pin-fin heat sinks for maximum cooling area and conductivity.
  5. Modular system increased by mounting fans on the back of the new heat sinks increasing cooling by 10 – 15% extending the lifespan of the product.
  6. New case with more holes for lighter weight, additional cooling and mirror chrome finish with protective lacquer guarding against UV, rust and oxidisation.
  7. Airflow reversed so the stale air is being sucked from the plant's canopy up through the light.
  8. High-end connectors from Wago, JST and TE ensure no cables coming loose during transit and allow for maximum conductivity between components.
  9. Improved drivers for more stable current and longer lifespan.
  10. Improved lens material for super toughness and flame retardant.
  11. Solderless build.
  12. All ethically sourced materials.

We generally recommend that this model should be kept as high in the grow tent/grow room as possible and that your plants grow no closer than 2ft to the light to make the best use of the output, however, strong healthy plants can grow right into the light with very little adverse effect on the plants.

All Budmaster LED grow lights come complete with a hanging kit.

Recommended coverage area 120+ x 120+ cm.

Recommended unit height placement up to 200cm. Allow 10cm breathing space between your light and ceiling height.

Budmaster GOD-9 specifications:

Size: 49 x 49 x 6cm 

Weight: 9kg

Consumption: 405watts

LED's: 225 x Osram SSL80 Horticultural Family

Coverage: 120+ x 120+cm

Temp: 20-23c

Lens: 90-degree precision

Input: 100 - 240v

Warranty: 1 year

Switchable to half power/half cluster output