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Pumps & Tank Heaters

Pumps & Tank Heaters


Vitopod Pumps & Tank Heaters

"This is simply the best heated propagator on the market. BBC Gardeners' World magazine

The Vitopod range of plant propagator's from Greenhouse Sensation have won many awards because they provide the perfect environment for seeds, cuttings and over-wintered plants.

Whatever you're growing, from familiar flowers and veg to exotic spices fruit and ornamentals, you can rely on the Vitopod propagator to provide your plants with the ideal conditions.

To also use the Vitopod as a mini greenhouse order a double or triple height version and you'll be able to protect your plants for longer without heating your polytunnel or greenhouse.

A complete range of water pumps, air-pumps and nutrient tank heaters.



  • Vitopod Thermostat - Propagators

    Vitopod Thermostat


    £49.99 / £59.99 SALE

    The Vitopod Thermoset is a replacement thermostat for any heated Vitopod propagator and can also be used for any propagati...More