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Regardless of ability/growing expertise, the VitaLink range has something to help you achieve the best possible plant health, growth and yield. We also cater for all popular growing techniques, hydroponics, coco coir and soil growing. It’s your choice! This website details what the VitaLink range has to offer. It will also help you decide how you want to grow. We hope you enjoy browsing and find our information useful.

A range of the most popular Hydroponic and soil growing solutions to optimise healthy, vigorous growth of your favourite plants.



  • Vitalink Max Hydro Grow A+B Hard Water - Grow

    2 Variations

    Vitalink Max Hydro Grow A+B Hard Water


    £13.99 to £36.99

    Vitalink Max Hydro Grow Hydroponic nutrient is a clean 2 part nutrient which is less likely to block drippers as well as promoting except...More

  • Vitalink Plantstart 1ltr - Grow

    Vitalink Plantstart 1ltr



     Vitalink Plantstart nutrient has been specifically developed to give your young plants the best start in life. Plantstart contains ...More

  • Vitalink Earth Grow - Grow

    Vitalink Earth Grow



    Vitalink Earth Grow nutrient is a one part complete nutrient formulated specifically for aggressive vegative growth when growing in a soi...More