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SUPERthrive Nutrient Enhancers

Drawing on his studies in biochemistry, Dr. John Ansel Armstrong Thomson developed SUPERthrive in 1939. The next year he received the Science & Industry's only Gold Medal at the San Francisco World's Fair Golden Gate International Exposition for his SUPERthrive. Thomson accumulated other awards throughout the years and continued to run The Vitamin Institute, selling SUPERthrive to professional and individual growers across the world for the next 71 years until his passing in 2011. He credited his wife, June Hummel Thomson, for his endurance and as his muse for over sixty years.

A range of plant and nutrient enhancers to compliment both the growing and flowering base solutions. We carry an array of nutrient additives that are perfect for plants at any stage of their growth or flowering/fruiting cycle, as well as specific formulas for treating deficiencies and other specific plant requirements.

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    Plant Enhancers (Grow)

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    Superthrive, for super healthy growth and as a plant 'pick me up' and stress reliever, Superthrive is the product. The top sellin...More