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Acoustic Sound Insulated Ventilation Kits
Soler & Palau


Soler & Palau Acoustic Sound Insulated Ventilation Kits

Soler & Palau in-line fans are designed and manufactured utilising the highest quality components to ensure extremely quiet operation, complete reliability and long life durability. 

The Noise Abatement Society has certified some of the models of the TD-Silent range of in-line duct fans for their low-level noise. Those fans are specifically recommended for offices or other places where low sound level is an essential element for the comfort of the users. 

Sound insulated (acoustic) ventilation kits from CAN-FAN and Soler & Palau (S&P) to ensure odourless ventilation combined with minimal noise output. Kits include CAN-FAN ISO-MAX or S&P TD-Silent acoustic fan, Rhino Pro carbon filter, 10mtrs sound insulated ducting and fastening clamps.