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Silver Bullet


Silver Bullet Nutrient Enhancers

The Silver Bullet brand was developed with the intention to eliminate the stresses brought on by plant diseases and infections. The result is a world-class product that you can count on to prevent and destroy grow room problems. While hydrogen peroxide is the active and familiar ingredient, it is the ionic silver within that helps stabilise the product and catalyse the destruction of fungi and bacteria.

A range of plant and nutrient enhancers to compliment both the growing and flowering base solutions. We carry an array of nutrient additives that are perfect for plants at any stage of their growth or flowering/fruiting cycle, as well as specific formulas for treating deficiencies and other specific plant requirements.

  • Silver Bullet Roots - Disease Control

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    Silver Bullet Roots

    Disease Control

    £27.45 to £106.99

    Silver Bullet Roots is an active Hydroponic system disinfectant like no other. Silver Bullet Roots helps suppress and prevent Pythiu...More