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With the launch of the revolutionary NEWA Therm heater, 26 years ago NEWA entered the aquarium market with great success, immediately positioning itself among leading companies in designing, manufacturing and internationally marketing electric products for aquariums. This was back in 1986, and since then NEWA has always supplied its users with excellent quality, ongoing innovation, elegant aesthetic appeal and absolute reliability. 

  • Newa Wind NW Air Pumps - Air Pumps

    5 Variations

    Newa Wind NW Air Pumps

    Air Pumps

    £17.59 to £35.99

    Premium quality Multi purpose air pumps suitable for hydroponics nutrient tanks, aquariums, and general applications. High p...More

  • Newa Water Pumps  - Water Pumps & Timers

    9 Variations

    Newa Water Pumps

    Water Pumps & Timers

    £25.29 to £176.99

    Newa water pumps are one of the market leaders in aquatic pumps. The Newa Maxi-Jet and Newa-Jet provide high volume output but ...More