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LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights


KIND LED LED Grow Lights

When LEDs first entered the scene many years ago, the folks at Kind LED were sceptical to say the least. The promise of cutting the electrical consumption in half, producing next to no heat, AND maintaining the same amazing quality cultivated from HIDs sounded too good to be true and unfortunately, it was…at least in the beginning!


For us here at Somerset Hydroponics it has taken years to find, research and recommend brands of LED grow lights that not only live up to their own marketing, but also meet our professional requirements and our customer expectations. At last with Cropmaster, Kind LED, Hacienda and Maxibright we have found the highest quality, highest yielding and most effective LED grow lights available on the UK market today. 



  • KIND LED - K3 Series2 - Kind LED

    3 Variations

    KIND LED - K3 Series2

    Kind LED

    £519.95 to £784.95

    New for 2019 the K3 Series2 are taking cues from it’s best-in-class big brother, the NEW K3 XL Series and offers the same unprecede...More

  • KIND LED - K5 Series - Kind LED

    2 Variations

    KIND LED - K5 Series

    Kind LED

    £1,099.95 to £1,499.95

    Although on the exterior, the K3 and K5 series look similar, the difference between the two are quite staggering. Firstly, the actual LED...More