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Green Qube Ventilation Kits

Based in the UK, are team of passionate people who have developed an exceptionally good value, high quality grow tent range based around our expertise within the hydroponics industry.  Driven by innovation and design and dedicated to bring new grow tents and concepts to growers globally to make growing easier, quicker and more simple. Designed and engineered by the experts, Roof Qube grow tents are durable, strong and most importantly affordable. The worlds only grow tent designed for attic spaces - the cutting edge Roof Qube are revolutionising the grow tent market with simple space solutions.


The highest quality grow room ventilation kits to ensure odourless ventilation throughout the year. All kits include a Rhino or CanFan inline fan, Rhino Pro carbon filter, ducting and fastening clamps to put everything together. Optimising air flow in and out of the growing area is fundemental to healthy plant growth.