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Green Power


Green Power

Green Power control units are the absolute premium range of contactors and relays in the industry. Green Power only use the very best premium products in their manufacturing and only source UK parts and use 100% UK labour. We have chosen to utilise only UK labour and parts as this gives us the best control of the build quality and the quality of the parts used in the production of all our units.

Green Power have sourced the best contactors and relays to use in the full range of units and have over specified the quality of all the parts used. This gives you, the end user great confidence in our build quality and guarantee offered with the full range.

For multiple banks of HID lights choose Green Power commercial contactor units.

These units send power to your HID lighting ballast bank-by-bank, reducing the surge you get from HID lights on start up. Green Power commercial units use heavy duty contactors and delays which allow you to switch HID lighting on safely. Additional safety is provided by the world-renowned Grasslin timer which is powered by a quartz crystal back up and built-in trip fuses to provide extra protection against any power surges.

Note: These units need to be wired in by a qualified electrician.