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Grow & Bloom Nutrients


GHE Grow & Bloom Nutrients

General Hydroponics Europe - General Hydroponics was founded in the mid 70's near San Francisco, California, by a group of scientists, researchers and technicians. Today, GH is recognised by the international scientific community for its reliability, the quality of its products and its sense of innovation.

Hydroponic and soil plant growth requires complete and effective nutrient solutions that supply plants with everything they need for strong growth and maximum yields. We’ve selected the best, scientifically formulated products for all around nutrition. All of our nutrients come from trusted, branded companies known for consistant growth and highest yielding results.

  • GHE Flora Bloom - Bloom

    2 Variations

    GHE Flora Bloom


    £11.99 to £36.99

    GHE Flora Bloom nutrient is a highly concentrated solution which stimulates flower and fruit development. Enhances flavor, aroma, and ess...More

  • GHE Flora Gro - Grow

    2 Variations

    GHE Flora Gro


    £11.99 to £36.99

    GHE Flora Gro nutrient is a highly concentrated solution which stimulates structural and vegetative growth. Builds strong roots. Provides...More