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Plant Nutrients & Enhancers

Plant Nutrients & Enhancers


BudLink Plant Nutrients & Enhancers

BudLink is a highly soluble silica-based nutrient supplement. The use of BudLink will increase weight and bulk, assist nutrient uptake as well as strengthening plants and improving disease resistance.

There are many nutrients and nutrient enhancers available and the choice can be confusing! Most are produced on a simple NPK formulation, some have growth enhancers built in' or have been produced using a more complex formulation which will be reflected in price. If you are unsure which nutrient may be best for you then please contact us for more indepth information. For Hydroponic nutrients you will also need to know wether you are in a Hard or Soft water area .. see our Growing FAQ in our Growing Notes section for more information. 

  • BudLink - Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

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    Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

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     BudLink is a highly soluble silica based nutrient supplement - increases weight and bulk, assist nutrient uptake as well as strengt...More