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Plant Nutrients & Enhancers


Biobizz Plant Nutrients & Enhancers

Biobizz® produces potting soil, both for compact and liquid fertilizers and additives for all possible crops. Biobizz® was founded in 1992. From the beginning we contribute to ecology. All the products of Biobizz® are fully biological and therefore adapted for any person who plans to grow his or her crops without using chemical products.

There are many nutrients and nutrient enhancers available and the choice can be confusing! Most are produced on a simple NPK formulation, some have growth enhancers built in' or have been produced using a more complex formulation which will be reflected in price.





  • BioBizz Algamic - Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    2 Variations

    BioBizz Algamic

    Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    £16.99 to £69.99

    BioBizz Algamic nutrient Is a vitality booster made from cold pressed concentrated seaweed; hence its extremely high content of trace ele...More

  • BioBizz Bio-Heaven - Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    2 Variations

    BioBizz Bio-Heaven

    Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    £24.99 to £64.99

    BioBizz Bio-Heaven nutrient is a specially formulated Plant Energy booster which contains carefully selected biological stimulants. It en...More

  • BioBizz Bloom - Bloom

    2 Variations

    BioBizz Bloom


    £13.99 to £43.99

    BioBizz Bloom nutrient is a complete liquid organic fertilizer. Bio-Bloom contains a small amount of nitrogen and enough phosphorous and ...More

  • BioBizz Fishmix - Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    2 Variations

    BioBizz Fishmix

    Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    £12.99 to £39.99

    BioBizz Fishmix nutrient greatly enhances the microbiology of soil making it fatter and richer. Strongly diluted Fish-Mix can be directly...More

  • BioBizz Grow - Grow

    2 Variations

    BioBizz Grow


    £12.99 to £36.99

    BioBizz Grow nutrient Is a liquid organic fertiliser that can be used in all types of soil mixtures during the vegetative stage. It smell...More

  • BioBizz Root Juice - Plant Enhancers (Grow)

    2 Variations

    BioBizz Root Juice

    Plant Enhancers (Grow)

    £13.99 to £44.99

    BioBizz Root Juice nutrient is a 100% organic root stimulator that creates: An explosive root growth in already rooted plants through th...More

  • BioBizz Leaf Coat  - Plant Enhancers (Grow)

    2 Variations

    BioBizz Leaf Coat

    Plant Enhancers (Grow)

    £11.99 to £16.99

    BioBizz Leaf Coat nutrient strengthens plants against Fungi and mould spores. Leaf-Coat is a ready to use product that was developed to r...More

  • BioBizz Topmax - Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    2 Variations

    BioBizz Topmax

    Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    £27.99 to £107.99

    BioBizz Topmax nutrient is a 100% organic bloom stimulant. TopMax stimulates the blossom cells and increases the transport of sugar molec...More