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Grow & Bloom Nutrients

Grow & Bloom Nutrients


Biobizz Grow & Bloom Nutrients

Biobizz® produces potting soil, both for compact and liquid fertilizers and additives for all possible crops. Biobizz® was founded in 1992. From the beginning we contribute to ecology. All the products of Biobizz® are fully biological and therefore adapted for any person who plans to grow his or her crops without using chemical products.

Hydroponic and soil plant growth requires complete and effective nutrient solutions that supply plants with everything they need for strong growth and maximum yields. We’ve selected the best, scientifically formulated products for all around nutrition. All of our nutrients come from trusted, branded companies known for consistant growth and highest yielding results.



  • BioBizz Bloom - Bloom

    2 Variations

    BioBizz Bloom


    £13.99 to £41.99

    BioBizz Bloom nutrient is a complete liquid organic fertilizer. Bio-Bloom contains a small amount of nitrogen and enough phosphorous and ...More

  • BioBizz Grow - Grow

    2 Variations

    BioBizz Grow


    £12.99 to £37.99

    BioBizz Grow nutrient Is a liquid organic fertiliser that can be used in all types of soil mixtures during the vegetative stage. It smell...More