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Pest & Disease


Biobizz Pest & Disease

Biobizz® produces potting soil, both for compact and liquid fertilizers and additives for all possible crops. Biobizz® was founded in 1992. From the beginning we contribute to ecology. All the products of Biobizz® are fully biological and therefore adapted for any person who plans to grow his or her crops without using chemical products.

A range of the most effective pest and disease products to erdicate the most common indoor grow room pests and plant diseases.




  • BioBizz Leaf Coat - Disease Control

    2 Variations

    BioBizz Leaf Coat

    Disease Control

    £11.99 to £16.99

    BioBizz Leaf Coat nutrient strengthens plants against Fungi and mould spores. Leaf-Coat is a ready to use product that was developed to r...More