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Nutrient Enhancers

Nutrient Enhancers


Atami Nutrient Enhancers

Since its foundation in 1997 Atami has grown into a leading bio-technical research bureau in the field of plant nutrition and substrates (soil types). The boundless ambition of Atami has ensured in this short period that growers in over 40 countries, spread out over 5 continents, always obtain the best results with the sophisticated range of this research bureau. Starting with scientific testing, Atami now presents itself as a complete “nutrition house” and only offers products that meet a very high quality standard.

A range of plant and nutrient enhancers to compliment both the growing and flowering base solutions. We carry an array of nutrient additives that are perfect for plants at any stage of their growth or flowering/fruiting cycle, as well as specific formulas for treating deficiencies and other specific plant requirements.