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Autopot Complete Systems:

We are now offering a full range of Autopot Easy2Grow, Autopot and Autopot XL  growing systems complete with large capacity Flexitank (flat packed for ease of access into lofts etc) 

Green-Qube GQ150 Grow Tent's:

Continuing the success of stocking other Green-Qube growing tents, we are now offering the GQ150 -150x150x200cm or 150x150x220cm models of these premium grow tents.

Secret Jardin DP120 Propagation Tent:

The DP120 (120cm long by 60cm wide by 120cm tall) comes complete with removable shelves and a full set of trays offering great versatility. For example half of each shelf can be removed to allow a mother plant to be growing in one end of the tent whilst the other half is given over to three levels of propagators. Another format would be one mother plant, one standard propagator and an additional larger area (more height space) for more established seedlings or cuttings. 

Pure Factory Humidifiers:

Pure Factory humidifiers have a high adjustable mist output and are very quiet in operation. Ideal for healthy plant growth or personal health purposes.

 Growmax Water Filters & RO Units:

A complete range of affordable, simple to use water filters and RO units from Growmax Water. Two stage water filters for the removal of Chlorine and contaminants start from as little as £74.99!

New Budmaster LED Grow Lights:

The 2015/16 re-designed and improved range of UK built Budmaster II LED Grow lights. Budmaster are the market leader in high-quality LED units. These LED lights simply cannot be beaten for quality, efficiency, low power consumption and extremely high output. Built here in the UK (North Wales) ..these lights truly are of the highest homegrown quality! 

Method 7 LED Glasses:


Method Seven technology blends incredible colour balancing with exceptional high quality lenses that provide the best in optical clarity. Additionally, Method Seven protection removes all harmful UV A/B rays like most others but additionally also removes harmful UVC rays which are filtered out of sunlight by the upper atmosphere, but pose a significant hazard under grow lighting.  

Digimax Thermometer:

The Digimax Digital Thermometer for Hydroponic system or Aquarium. Simply place the probe in your tank and the unit outside to view the easy to read LCD display..job done! The ideal nutrient temperature range for healthy plant growth is 18-22c Anything under or over this range can be detrimental to your plants growth ability, and so you may need a tank heater..but how would you know?!

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