We were ready for the RUSH..are you?!

Following on from our last Blog regarding the awesome RUSH RDWC (recirculating deep water culture) growing system from Nutriculture where we were just in the process of installing the system into our Secret Jardin DR300W grow tent, well, that was at the end of September and the young Chili plants were introduced into the system in the last week of November. I think you can see below just how vigorous growth has been in such a short time, and how happy and healthy the Chili plants are. The root system promoted by this growing technique is impressive to say the least! A large, well oxygenated healthy root zone results in maximum nutrient uptake, vigorous growth and greatly enhanced yield ability of your favourite plants. Taking into account that these plants are only being illuminated by 2x Sunmaster Hobby 600w Variable Digital Air-Cooled Goldstar digital grow light's set at 400w output each, the growth rate is even more impressive!

The Chilies are being fed on Flairform Green Dream Grow, Bloom and enhancers…with a little extra kicker from the amazing Moonshine enhancer!