"Get ready for the RUSH!!... The latest and highest yielding growing technique utilising the new recirculating deep water culture (RDWC) systems from Nutriculture.

Most growers are now familiar with Deep Water Culture (bubbler) buckets such as the Oxypot etc and are aware of the benefits of this growing technique. Many of you have now caught the buzz about the new RUSH systems from Nutriculture..and more importantly, the huge yielding benefits that these systems offer!

We are now offering these systems in-store so please contact us for pricing, system configurations and floor space required (also soon to be added to our website)

We have recently put one of these awesome 6 pot/tank systems into our in-store live demo Secret Jardin DR300W grow tent as seen below with Leighton in mid-build! 

..and so we thought it might be an idea to give you as much information as possible in the run up to adding these amazing systems to our website..

Rush takes Deep Water Culture growing to the next level. With up to 34 nutrient circulations per hour, no timer to manage, and little media used. The Rush RDWC system is a combination of simplicity and top-end components, resulting in spectacular growth and huge yields.

How the Rush RDWC hydroponic system works

The 6.5 litre mesh pots hang into the DWC reservoir, where an air stone creates a constant stream of bubbles directly beneath the mesh pot. This creates a highly oxygenated nutrient rich environment for the plant roots, resulting in exceptionally fast root growth. Combine these benefits of Deep Water Culture growing with the constant rapid recirculation of the Rush and you truly have a next level hydroponic system that will deliver results time after time.

This Recirculating Deep Water Culture method of growing allows plants to feed as much as they need, whenever they need it, preventing over and under-watering.

Deep Water Culture is growing in popularity and is rapidly becoming the preferred method of growing for more and more growers across the world, with Rush leading the way in Recirculating Deep Water Culture systems.

Perfect for growers who want to:

  • 1. Use the most advanced RDWC method
  • 2. Maximise oxygen uptake
  • 3. Use little media on a large scale grow
  • 4. Easily maintain stable pH and EC on a large scale grow
  • 5 .Turn plants under lights

Hints & Tips

Pump - leave the pump on 24/7 – the  roots need constant access to nutrient solution and oxygen.

Reservoir maintenance - Close off the piping at either end of the tank you want to clean with the stoppers provided. This allows plants to continue to be fed while maintenance is carried out on another reservoir

Water temperature - To maintain the temperature of the nutrient solution Rush can be connected to chiller. The ideal temperature is from 18-21oC.

Water levels - Rush has a unique adjustable float valve to maintain water levels.

When water levels need to be higher for shorter roots, adjust the float valve upwards. When the roots are longer, push the float valve down, so the roots are less covered by nutrient solution and have even more access to oxygen.

We will update our in-store RUSH progress soon with more photos and growing tips...