Hi all, Welcome to our January 2015 newsletter!

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Firstly we would like to wish you all a very happy New Year and we hope that your gardening efforts are as rewarding and productive as last year..or better!!


Our new website is still under construction due to underestimating how big the site will eventually be! The new website is incredibly exciting as the functionality will be far more in-depth than ever before. Searching for products by particular criteria will make your online shopping with us as fast and as efficient as it can be and the front end layout will be far more attractive and pleasurable to use than ever before. We are hoping to release the new website within four weeks check back often!


Our in-store displays were cleared over the Christmas holidays to make way for new plants for this year. Due to popular demand we are currently germinating Twilight chili seeds in the X-Stream 40 site Aeroponic Propagator within our Secret Jardin DP90 Propagation grow tent (available as a kit) display.  As soon as the seedlings are ready, they will then be transplanted  into the amazing IWS 12 pot Flood and Drain growing system within our Secret Jardin DR300W grow tent display. We will update with information and photos in due course!

New Products

Plant Vitality Natural Plant Wash 120ml

PV Natural Plant Wash foliar spray will control Spider Mite attacks and eliminate the damage caused by pest infestation, restoring the plant back to its full potential, using a combination of non-systemic natural products, allowing it to be used right up to harvest.

  • First Application: Mix 12ml per ltr water (120ml makes 10ltrs).
  • Repeat Applications: Mix 6ml per ltr water (120ml makes 20ltrs). 
  • Remember to shake well before and during spraying.

The Imperium Feed Duration Controller

The Imperium minutes or seconds controller can be used with any timed grow system, it has 28 feed settings that can feed from 1 second up to 15 minutes, at the push of a button. Finely tuning your feed durations is proven to increase nutrient uptake and oxygen absorption – ultimately resulting in bigger yields.

The Imperium Plus Feed Duration Controller

The Imperium Plus is a precision minutes or seconds feed controller which has been designed to feed little and often to produce maximum plant growth. It includes an integrated Grasslin segmental timer and can be set to run from as little as 1 second up to 15 minutes, at the push of a button.

Imperium Plus can be used with any timed grow system and is more than just a segmental timer. Its 28 feed settings allow you to adapt the feeding duration from a minimum of 1 second up to 15 minutes, at the touch of a button.

NOdA Wash Day Spray 200ml

NOda Wash Day spray is extremely effective as an instant, lasting odour eliminator. Highly recommended by SomHydro!

When you use NOdA, you are not masking a nasty smell with a different fragrance. The advanced odour elimination technology traps and neutralises nasty odours, eliminating the problem. NOdA sprays are natural without fluorocarbons or propellants of any kind. NOdA Wash Day has a similar odour to fresh washed laundry and washing powder. NOdA Spray is environmentally friendly and safe to use.

(RUCK)  CAN-FAN ISOMAX 3-Speed Acoustic Fans

(Ruck) CAN-FAN ISOMAX (aka Airforce 2 fan) 3-Speed sound insulated fans are designed and constructed to minimalise sound output at range which makes them the ideal grow room inline fan for where noise sensitivity is a priority.

Available in two models with both featuring three different airflow capabilities:
150mm (6”) CAN-FAN ISOMAX 3-Speed: 310/360/410 mtr3 per hr
200mm (8”) CAN-FAN ISOMAX 3-Speed: 570/770/870 mtr3 per hr

The ISOMAX powerful Swiss engineered high-quality motor runs extremely quiet while moving a very large amount of air through either a 150mm or 200mm outlet. The outer casing functions as a silencer and has a thick layer of insulating foam-lining around its inside, providing outstanding sound protection. Remarkably lightweight, ISOMAX fans can be suspended/ installed in locations that may be unsuitable to consider other, heavier, cabinet/box type acoustic fans. Two built-in hanging fittings allow for easy, quick installation.

Also available as part of a full acoustic ventilation kit


The CO2Bag is very small and easily affordable bag producing carbon dioxide for your plants. It can multiply the growing speed of your plants and make fruits ripen faster improving taste, color and crops.
The CO2Bag is safe to use, easy to setup without any maintenance required.

The CO2Bag is the smallest and by far the most effective solution available on the market.



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Well “that’s all folks”..we hope you have enjoyed reading this Newsletter and hope that you take advantage of your discount code to grab yourself a bargain.

Best regards from Lee & team Somhydro