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Somerset Hydroponics Newsletter & Discount Code September 2018

Hi all,

We hope that everyone has had a good summer, and trust that you all took the grow room temperature increases into consideration and upgraded/reviewed your grow room ventilation equipment before you selfishly deserted your plants and headed off for a holiday?..No?!...Shame on you ;) 

To seamlessly and shamelessly follow on from the above! Somerset Hydroponics big news this summer was to add the awesome range of Soler & Palau (S&P) TD-Silent Mixed-Flow Acoustic Fans and Soler & Palau TD-Silent Acoustic Ventilation Kits to our product list! Why was this such BIG news for us and for you? Well, the answer is simple. A few years ago these award-winning inline fans were dropped by the main UK supplier, and so they simply disappeared from the marketplace which was a huge shame as these fans are extremely well designed and constructed, very quiet, highly efficient and are regarded as an industry gold standard in both the horticultural marketplace and the construction industry (the prefered range of fan for bathroom and kitchen ventilation systems).

So, to see these fans simply disappear was a great shame at the time, but then this year Soler & Palau made a decision to create a sales division purely for the UK horticultural market and to deal directly to the retailers, and so as quickly as the news got out we opened an account and eagerly welcomed back these awesome fans...Happy Dayz (insert Cool emoji here!)

Soler & Palau (S&P) TD-Silent Mixed-Flow Acoustic Fans 

Soler & Palau TD-Silent Acoustic Ventilation Kits


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Lee, Leighton & team SomHydro :)