As Spring is in the air, we thought it was time to update you with our latest in-store growing demo's!

Our Secret Jardin DR300W grow tent containing an IWS Oxypot XL growing system, Nutriculture GT424 NFT growing system and a Wilma 8 pot Dripper system. To supply light to our chosen plants, we are using two highly efficient 600w Sunmaster Hobby air-cooled Goldstar HPS lighting systems.  As you can see all of our Twilight Chilli plants are very healthy and growth is vigorous. All plants have now begun to show initial flowers.



Our Secret Jardin DS90 grow tent containing a Wilma 4 pot Dripper system, and light supplied by a Maxibright 400w Pro Vairable Digilight Euro grow light. Our chosen plants for this display 'Money Trees' (can never have enough of these!!) are grown in Clay Pebbles for this display.

Our Secret Jardin DS60 grow tent containing an Autopot Twin pot growing system, and light supllied by a Maxibright 150w Digilight Euro grow light. Our chosen plants for this display are small leaf Basil grown in Biobizz Lightmix soil.

And finally ..our award winning (well, it would do if entered into a competition!)  Peace Lily growing in a GHE Aquafarm Dripper system. As you can see from the size comparisson between Leightons hand and the flower..our Lily is a very happy Lily!!