Why are Hacienda led grow lights so popular?!...

We have been supplying the Hacienda range of COB led grow lights for two or three months now and have to say that we have been taken by surprise at the instant popularity of this quality range of led grow lights!

Whether the popularity is due to the multi-spectral output ability that would normally be associated with more expensive led grow lights, due to the affordability and quality of every model in the range or if it is simply due to the fact that these great led grow lights are supplied by a long-standing, trusted UK based Hydroponics equipment supplier/distributor (Ikon International) and so have all the backing and service that you would require right here in the UK. None of this nonsense sending it back across the channel/ back to Asia/ back to the US to resolve any issues!

Our sales of this great new range of COB led grow light have been impressive and in the three months that we have been selling them we have not had a single unit come back to us (ok, granted it is relatively early days) with an issue. We are only receiving positive feedback from every customer that has purchased a unit and so the Hacienda’s are proving to be an instant winner in the field of daylight COB led grow lights.

We are currently running an in-store demonstration with a Hacienda H-4 unit and the plant growth rate has been surprising for such a low wattage unit. We had also utilised a H-9 unit for one week but then switched back to the H-4 when a customer pleaded with us to sell him the H-9 (we were out of stock on the day!) We have been posting updates/photos on FB and Insta regarding our in-store demo so please check out our social media pages to see how much our chillies are loving the Hacienda sunlight!

Variable spectrum output: Now here’s where the Hacienda range of leds stand out from the crowd! Ordinarily, if an led grow light has a variable output, then the unit would generally require the user to know what parameters to program into the unit, but with the Hacienda this has been hugely simplified for ease of use.

There are three simple Mode switches that enhance daylight output; Grow – Bloom – Full Spectrum. Switching to Grow enhances the Blue spectrum for growth, switching to Bloom enhances the Red spectrum for flowering and then switch to full spectrum to enhance both Blue and Red. It really doesn’t get any simpler!

So, if you are looking for a quality, affordable COB led grow light with multi-spectral output and with UK based service and support, then we think we’ve found your next led for you!

Check out the link for specifications and further information…Hacienda COB Led Grow Lights