Is it possible to grow Hydroponic or organic plants under grow lights in a wooden garden shed?...Yes!!

Is it possible?

 One of the most common enquiries we receive at Somerset Hydroponics Ltd throughout the year is.."Can I set up an indoor garden or grow tent with grow lights in a wooden garden shed?!... 

It can be pretty difficult to maintain an ideal plant growth climate throughout the year within a wooden shed, but it is completely doable as long as the indoor gardener is aware of the possible issues they are likely to encounter, and then realistic about plant growth and plant yield outcome relevant to any issues encountered throughout the seasons! 

Weather Proofing Your Shed

Before considering what indoor growing equipment you wish to install in your garden shed, you will need to prep your shed for your new project. Is your garden shed waterproof? You are considering installing electrical equipment in your shed, obviously, we do not need to explain why your shed needs to be waterproof! (Although there are additional reasons for weather-proofing relevant to maintaining a healthy indoor growing climate that we will get to later!) Be sure to check the felt on the shed roof and replace if necessary and also periodically coat your wooden shed with a weather protective treatment such as Cuprinol etc

Power Supply

Is there a dedicated power supply to the shed? We do NOT recommend using a domestic extension lead running from the house to the shed as this would be completely unsuitable for the job and would be dangerous to use. A registered electrician will need to install a dedicated power supply using armoured external cable (ideally below ground) directly from the mains supply in the house with suitable mains sockets fitted within the shed. 

Temperature Insulation

It may be worth considering lining your shed with insulated boarding or sheeting as this will help to maintain a healthy growing temperature in the colder months and will increase the efficiency of any grow room heaters.


Regardless of whether you intend to install a growing tent in the shed or simply use the shed as a whole, you will need to ensure that there is adequate airflow into and out of the shed. Simply hoping that any gaps around the door or elsewhere will be sufficient for airflow is likely not enough unless you only intend to propagate seedlings or cuttings under a very low powered propagation grow light where an airflow requirement would be minimal. If you are unsure of the size/air flow capacity of any grow room ventilation equipment required for your shed or grow tent, then please contact us. 

To be continued!...