The Maxibright Pro-Select 1000w DigiLight Magnum XXXL air-cooled grow light is a state of the art lighting package for the serious grower!

The Maxibright Digilight Pro Select 1000w digital grow light Ballast gives you 6 power modes (400,440,600,660,1000,1100 Watt! ) for flexibility to power a range of HID lamps with just one ballast. Use the Super power modes to give your lamps 10% extra power for more light exactly when you need it. DigiLight Pro Select have a unique safety feature including Surge Control to Safely Ignite multiple lamps one at a time, reducing electrical surges.

Pro select ballast features: Surge Control – Silent and lightweight – Short circuit protection – End of lamp life detection – Thermal protection with auto re-set – Runs both HPS and Metal Halide lamps – 6 Power modes – 3year warranty (conditional).


The awesome Magnum XXXL grow light 200mm reflector or 150mm reflector from Sunlight Supply is the largest air cooled reflector in the world, and is ideal for those needing a large spread of light even when suspended at a low height. Constructed to the highest quality using photometric data, it has 95% reflective textured German aluminum interior, which offers excellent reflectivity and diffusion. Completely sealed – features double gasketed glass and hinged frame to hold glass tightly in place. Maximum air cooling with built-in 6″ (150mm) or 8″ (200mm) spigot and EZ Breeze aerodynamic junction box. Bead ring to hold ducting firmly in place.
Swing Stop retention cable keeps glass from abruptly swinging down. captured thumb screws & closure mechanism for ease of use and excellent sealing. The exterior is a powder-coated galvanized steel body. Integrated socket & 4mtr lamp cord. Easy carry handles.

Magnum Dimentions:

  • Magnum 150mm spigot: 82cm long 66cm wide 20cm deep
  • Magnum 200mm spigot: 88cm long 75cm wide 23cm deep

To complete this awesome lighting package we have included a 1000w Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS lamp which has fast become our most popular high pressure sodium flowering lamp. This is mainly due to they’re higher than most lumen count, and higher than most red and blue spectrum output!

Fan recommendation:

  • 1x 1000w Magnum 150mm – 1x 150mm A1 RVK Fan
  • 2x 1000w Magnum 150mm – 1x 150mm L1 RVK Fan
  • 1x 1000w Magnum 200mm – 1x 200mm A1 RVK Fan
  • 2x 1000w Magnum 200mm – 1x 200mm L1 RVK Fan