Everything is alwhite...dont panic!

There seems to be a little online confusion regarding the colour change of all Rhino grow room fans and whether the new white coloured fans are genuine Rhino fans. This confusion is due to many sellers being slow on revising their product images with the latest white coloured Rhino fans from the original black coloured fans. Many sellers do though still have stock of the old black genuine Rhino fans, and so you may still receive such fans from other sellers.

Other than the colour change, there are no specification differences between the two coloured fans of any fan within the ranges of  Rhino single speed fans, Rhino twin speed fans or Rhino thermostatically controlled fans *other than old stock of the black 100mm single speed Rhino fan Not having the revised fan-motor as now found with the latest white 100mm Rhino single speed fan or 100mm Rhino single speed fan and Rhino Pro carbon filter kit that you would receive from Somerset Hydroponics Ltd!