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Ona Gel Pro is non-perfumed unlike Fresh Linen, but still has the same grow room odour control and eliminating properties as the rest of the Ona range. Ona Pro deals with your odour problems without trace!

Ona Gel Pro is an odour neutralising agent which is a formulation of 32 essential oils chosen for their ability to neutralise a wide range of odours both organic and non organic. Ona products do not mask odours with a stronger smell, they neutralize by absorbing the offending odour molecule.
To use Ona Gel, simply remove the lid and place the jar in the area that needs to be dealt with. For greater affect or coverage over a larger area, we recommend purchasing the Ona Breeze Fan which simply sits on top of the 4ltr Ona Gel pail.

  • ONA long-lasting and reliable odour control
  • 1 and 4 Litre gel pot – simply remove the lid and place in the room
  • Effectively eliminates any odour and smell in a small to medium sized room
  • The ONA odour neutralising power lasts for weeks
  • ONA Pro leaves virtually no fragrance
  • ONA Pro – the most powerful and effective of all the ONA range
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