Ona Breeze Fan


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The Ona Breeze Dual Speed Fan clips onto any Ona Gel 4ltr pail or 1ltr jar. Ideal for increased grow room odour control, or coverage over a larger grow room area.

The ONA Breeze Fan fits straight onto the top of an ONA 1litre or 4 litre gel tub or pail and distributes the ONA odour neutralising vapour around a medium to large area of up to apprx 100 metre square. The Breeze fan has two fan speeds and an OFF position. The first speed is almost silent and will gently emit ONA odour control into the room space in which it is placed. The second speed setting can be used for odour control when the room size is large (up to 100mtr2) or for a short burst of extra odour control when it is required!

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