FRESHHH!!! Crisp ‘N’ Clean – Fresh Linen Spray 750ml


We are seriously impressed with the power and spraying range of this product!

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FRESHHH!!! is not a standard aerosol air freshener  – it‘s an innovative spray which neutralises odours instead of masking odour…This really is an impressive product!

If you have an odour problem and need an immediate resolution to the problem..then look no further than FRESHHH!!! Crisp ‘N’ Clean..

When the trigger is depressed it sends a powerful blast of Fresh Linen fragrance throughout your room – which makes it suitable for a host of applications that your standard air freshener wouldn’t be.

Other than domestic air freshening applications, the product is suitable for pet odour problems, changing rooms, gyms, commercial applications: hotels, bars and restaurants, nurseries, crèches, fast food outlets, nursing homes etc.

Crisp ‘N’ Clean replicates the aroma of fresh linen/laundry.

One blast will neutralise a large room with the fragrance.

Spray one burst around the room, pointing the nozzle upwards and away from the body.

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