Prima klima Eco Budget Carbon Filters


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Prima Klima Eco Carbon Filters are an economic alternative to longer life carbon filters. The Eco range of carbon filters offer equal odour removing performance to more expensive filters, but with a shorter lifespan.

Designed to last 6-12 months, these filters work in exactly the same way as a standard filter – connecting up to any relevant sized flange (opening) inline/exhaust fans. The Eco range of filters utilise activated charcoal to filter out unwanted odours. Prima Klima Eco Carbon Filters are non refillable and should be changed every 9-12 months to maintain effectiveness in the grow room.

Versions available:

100mm (flange/opening) x 250mm long – 260mtr3 hr

125mm (flange/opening) x 400mm long – 480mtr3 hr

150mm (flange/opening) x 650mm long – 750mtr3 hr

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