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MD200 NFT Hydroponic Growing System

The MD200 Hydroponics NFT growing system. The MD (multi-duct) 200 is an excellent 3 channel self-contained NFT system. The 3 channels allow optimum spacing of plants with each channel receiving an even distribution of nutrient.

Top Tips:
1) Ensure plants are root bound before transplanting into the system. An abundance of roots should be visible on the outside of the Rockwool cube or starter media.
2) Run pump 24/7 no need for segmental timer or feeding schedule.
3) Completely remove plastic wrapping from Rockwool cubes, this allows the roots to access more oxygen.
4) Cut lengths of Spreader mat long enough to allow an overhang from the Channel into the Tank..no trickling water sounds!

Dimensions: 1600mm x 860mm x 240mm
Tank volume: 123 litres

Kit includes:
-Pump & all fittings
-3channel grow tray
-Stand for Channel tray
-Black cover plate
-100ft spreader mat
-250ml pH down acid
-Liquid pH test kit

The MD300 has the same kit as MD200, plus 1x extra 3channel grow tray & 1x extra stand. The second grow channel runs back-back length-ways with the nutrient tank in the middle.

Dimensions 3200mm x 860mm x 240mm

* Other images shown - GT 424 NFT system *

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MD200 NFT Hydroponic Growing SystemMD200 NFT Hydroponic Growing SystemMD200 NFT Hydroponic Growing SystemMD200 NFT Hydroponic Growing System
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MD 200 NFT system sys1406 168.00
MD 300 NFT system sys1407 246.00