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All Mills Hydroponics Nutrients products are designed, manufactured and bottled in Holland. Following the Dutch tradition of an easy to use two-part base and also containing the additives that provide your plants with everything they need –no more, no less – in order to grow at their maximum potential. Mills is one of the first nutrient producers to combine both synthetic and organic sources, in order to optimise growth rates, optimise yield and provide the best possible flavour and aroma. 

There are many nutrients and nutrient enhancers available and the choice can be confusing! Most are produced on a simple NPK formulation, some have growth enhancers built in' or have been produced using a more complex formulation which will be reflected in price. If you are unsure which nutrient may be best for you then please contact us for more indepth information. For Hydroponic nutrients you will also need to know wether you are in a Hard or Soft water area .. see our Growing FAQ in our Growing Notes section for more information. 

  • Mills Basis A+B Hard Water (Grow&Bloom) - Grow

    2 Variations

    Mills Basis A+B Hard Water (Grow&Bloom)


    £17.99 to £44.50

    This is a highly concentrated Bio-Mineral base nutrient designed to bring and maintain optimal nutrition, not only in the vegetative stat...More

  • Mills Start-R  - Grow

    3 Variations

    Mills Start-R


    £13.95 to £129.75

    This highly concentrated complex bio-stimulant nutrient additive is aimed for use during the seeding, growth and early bloom phases of yo...More

  • Mills Vitalize - Plant Enhancers (Grow)

    4 Variations

    Mills Vitalize

    Plant Enhancers (Grow)

    £24.99 to £159.99

    The newest addition to the Mills line up is our Mono-Silicic Acid product. Silicic acid is a readily available form of silicates – ...More

  • Mills C4 - Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    3 Variations

    Mills C4

    Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    £17.99 to £169.95

    C4 has been designed to assist the plants delivery of carbohydrates, macro and micro nutrients, and trace minerals to developing flowers....More

  • Mills Sugar Rush - Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    3 Variations

    Mills Sugar Rush

    Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    £17.95 to £189.95

    Sugar Rush accelerates and stimulates the production of oil and resin. Sugar Rush’s clever design makes use of a complex combinati...More

  • Mills Ultimate PK  - Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    3 Variations

    Mills Ultimate PK

    Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    £16.99 to £179.95

    Ultimate PK is a unique Phosphite based bloom stimulant. Phosphite is widely used in European agriculture and is known to have a reductio...More

  • Mills Cal Mag  - Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    2 Variations

    Mills Cal Mag

    Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

    £19.99 to £89.99

    Mills Nutrients Cal Mag provides the vital minerals of magnesium and calcium to your plants, which helps to strengthen and accelerate the...More

  • Mills PH Down Flower 1ltr - pH and EC Solutions

    Mills PH Down Flower 1ltr

    pH and EC Solutions


    Mills PH works to reduce pH levels to a more acceptable pH value between 5.8 and 6.2. As your plants require different elements during di...More