Budmaster HC-2


The smallest of the Budmaster HC LED (previously known as COB-X) grow light's but this little light packs a punch! The new Citiled 'Horticultural COB...More

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Budmaster HC-2

The smallest of the Budmaster HC LED (previously known as COB-X) grow light's but this little light packs a punch! The new Citiled 'Horticultural COB' (HC) is far and above the best horticultural COB on the market. Giving huge amounts of PPF from a small, compact and long lasting package as you would expect from the inventors of the COB. Budmaster have designed the HC range of LED grow light to give the best of both worlds to growers who wish to grow under a primarily white light source as close to sunlight as possible.

A new tested design of small COB arrays has proven to give us considerably more output and a better spectrum for the same input power.

1) Not sure if you need a Budmaster HC or Budmaster HPS (High Pressure Sunlight)?

2) Chose a HC for coverage or HPS for penetration!

With this smaller model, you can place it 2ft away from your canopy for your entire grow once your plants are established to achieve the best results for your bloom stage. We generally recommend that your plants grow no closer than 2ft to the light to make the best use of the output, however, strong healthy plants can grow right into the light with very little adverse effect on the plants.

The immediate benefits of a Budmaster HC:

  1. More efficient than standard white COB due to a higher amount of useable PPF.
  2. The warm creamy pink light from the COB makes plant inspection simple at any time.
  3. Efficient, long lasting and well-researched phosphor specifically designed for horticulture.
  4. Greater efficiency in the same small footprint, more light out for the same power in. The total output exceeds that of normal 50w COB.
  5. HC's Mounted with the same solder pad technology as the Osram SSL80 family to a triple layer MCPCB, meaning a longer lifespan and faster build.
  6. Better thermal management due to the mounting technology it eliminates any possibility of thermal spikes.
  7. The Budmaster II UK HC series of lamps have an expected supported lifespan of 50,000 hour’s years, this equates to 7.5 years when used for 18 hours per day. 

All Budmaster LED grow lights come complete with hanging kit.

Recommended unit height placement up to 200cm. Allow 5-10cm breathing space between your light and ceiling height.

Budmaster HC-2 specifications:

LED's:  ​2 x Citiled 50w Horti COB​​
Coverage:  50cm x 100cm
Energy Used:  100w
Input Voltage:  100 - 240v
Frequency:  50-60hz
Current:  600ma
Voltage:  70
Amps:  0.36
Dimensions:  32 x 19 x 6cm
Warranty:  3 Years
Weight:  3kg