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BudLink Nutrient Enhancers

BudLink is a highly soluble silica-based nutrient supplement. The use of BudLink will increase weight and bulk, assist nutrient uptake as well as strengthening plants and improving disease resistance.

A range of plant and nutrient enhancers to compliment both the growing and flowering base solutions. Have a need for a particular plant supplement to address a certain problem? or simply wishing to maximise growth or flowering/fruiting cycles? We carry an array of nutrient additives that are perfect for plants at any stage of their growth or flowering/fruiting cycle, as well as specific formulas for treating deficiencies and other specific plant requirements.

  • BudLink - Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

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    Plant Enhancers (Bloom)

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     BudLink is a highly soluble silica based nutrient supplement - increases weight and bulk, assist nutrient uptake as well as strengt...More